The Mountos Ourea hiking shoes

The Mountos Ourea women’s hiking shoes are made to conquer mountains. While wearing the Mountos Ourea you can feel like a Greek god yourself, become one with the Mountains and battle steep trails with our extraordinary grip outsoles. The grip in combination with the Vibram technology brings an extra softness and springiness of foam to the outsoles, with that also comes durability and good traction of rubber. The outsoles are one of the things that makes the Mountos Ourea hiking shoes so special, but this is not all, discover more of the Mountos shoes on your outdoor excursions.

Mountos crafts PFAS-free

The brand Mountos thinks about the environment. One of the important things Mountos does is crafting PFAS-Free. These chemicals are used to make things non-stick, stain-resistant and waterproof. It sounds like it is a necessity but unfortunately it is also really bad for the environment and your health. That’s why Mountos uses the Double-Dry technology, because of this technology the Mountos sheos become waterproof. Not only does this technology keep your feet dry but it is also really comfortable for your feet. Especially in combination with our removable insoles and extra support insoles. That’s why the Mountos hiking shoes are perfect for long hikes.

Lifestyle coach Mountos

With Mountos we support a lifestyle where you don’t even need a lifestyle coach anymore, our brand can do that! Going for a walk every day, at Mountos we strive for everyone to do this. If you start walking everyday this will have benefits for your health, metal health but physical health as well. Everyday walking improves cardiovascular health, helps strengthen your muscles and enhances your overall fitness. Not only does it benefit you physically but also boosts your energy levels, allowing you to tackle your daily tasks with ease. Regular exercise, like walking also increases your productivity and efficiency. All of this together gets you through the day a lot easier and would benefit you massively.

The Mountos insoles

One of the things that make Mountos unique compared to other hiking brands is that they have 2 sets of insoles, why do you ask?  When you are walking a lot and for a longer time, your feet and muscles will get tired. If you’ll notice that is the case it is time to switch your insoles from our regular insoles to the extra support insoles. When you switched your insoles you will instantly feel your feet will get better support again and you will walk off again like never before. Feel the boost in your energy by yourself and buy Mountos. If you want to read and know more about our insoles, I can recommend you to read more.

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